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Therapy with God is available for on-line purchases at

Warning: There are lots of sites selling these hard and soft cover books for ridiculous prices. If you have any interest, just get it from Kindle. .

Click here to do a text search of the entire book on Books.Google.



Note: If you would like the full, printable PDF version for $10, please e-mail me and wait for a reply before clicking the 'Buy Now' button. (I don't want your payment sitting there and have me take hours to respond.) I accept PayPal or Credit Card payments. Note that this version is printable in standard book-size 6X9 format (400 pages).

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"This book reads exactly like what it is; a deeply meaningful conversation between you and someone who loves you and wants you to be healed. Sue McHenry gives you the spiritual medicine you need, straight from the Great Physician Himself. You will be comforted, confronted, and brought to a place of peace you thought did not exist on the opposite side of pain. This book truly can change your life." Kristin Ballou

"This book is an excellent resource offering practical examples of how to deal with everyday struggles. What I love most is that it shows us how to utilize the Bible as our personal instruction manual and provides a step by step approach to making Jesus Christ the focal point of our life." Mary Ellen Tancreto, Entrepreneur

"Sue McHenry does an excellent job in inviting the reader to come in, sit down, learn about and experience first hand how God is our Comforter that we long for and need in every area and situation in our lives. Sue guides the reader in exploring the Bible to uncover life's changing truths to set the captives free to live the abundant life God intended for all of us." K. Walston, Christian support group leader

"Just wanted to let you know that I read your book and found it to be a tremendous blessing to me. It has brought me back to the Word of God, like I'm reading it for the first time. I can't wait to see what God has to say next. I've had a bunch of counseling in my life for depression, but never directly out of God's word like this.
  I see now I've pushed God away, ignored him, not trusted him, not listened to him, not spent time with him. I've sought after human love over God's love, and trusted in my own way. I've repented of my sin, and have known God's love and grace like I've never felt before. He is trustworthy. He keeps his promises.
  In worship on Sunday morning, I just have to listen to the songs to let them wash over me because I am overcome with God's love and grace; it's like I'm hearing the words for the first time. I feel like I'm being healed.
  Thank you, Sue; Thank you Jesus, my Lord and Savior!"
Unsolicited e-mail 10/9/08 (reprinted by permission, requested anonymity):

"I just spent some time today in the abbreviated version of your book from your website. You have written a book that is very practical and helpful to the body of Christ. I believe that many people will find their way back to wellness of mind and soul because of it. You write from the perspective of one well-grounded in your understanding of the Word and the heart needs of man. I thank the Lord for those in your life who took you deep into your faith and provided the spiritual insights that are needed to enhance others' walk and bring healing to troubled minds. There aren't very many in the mental health field who take such a strong spiritual path to healing. Thank you for being one who does and for the great good you are doing in the kingdom of God."

Jim Hughes
Author, C Through Marriage

Book Summary

The purpose of Therapy with God is to teach you how to open your Bible and find Jesus everywhere you look, draw you into a deeper understanding of who He is and what He can mean to you, and guide you into His arms for the restoration of your soul.

You have, at your beck and call, the Creator of the universe who longs to come to you and set you free from bondage. Many of us, though, struggle with how that works. "I know He is the answer, but how do I turn to Him that way? How can He bring me peace in the midst of my storms?" Therapy with God will teach you how to go to Him and find that peace you seek. You will learn to open your Bible and find Him everywhere you look. Come and discover His transforming power. Learn how to trust Him when your life falls apart. Learn to relate to Him as your Wonderful Counselor, Comforter, and Friend. Through Therapy with God and your Bible, fall in love with Him and bind yourself to Him. Then, in the good times and the bad, He will lift you up and set you free.

Bible Reading Program

For a copy of my balanced, practical Bible-reading program, click here. This is a very doable, practical Bible-reading program spread out over a three-year period. Over those three years, you will read the New Testament six times (once every six months), the Old Testament once, Psalms three times, and Proverbs nine times. Approx one-half hour per day is evenly split between New Testament and Old Testament readings.

As is always the case, please surrender your Bible-reading time to the Holy Spirit, and if He wants you to linger some on a passage, do not allow a check-box or a calendar dictate how fast you read. You're not trying to set any Bible-reading records - you're trying to know and relate to a living God. Let Him guide you through that process.

Table of Contents for Therapy with God

I. Introduction

II. What is Mental Health?
III. What is The Bible?
IV. Falling in Love with Jesus
V. Final Christian Concepts

VI. How I Read the Bible
VII. Thinking About What I Read
VIII. Memorizing Scripture
IX. Old versus New Testaments
X. Chatting with Jesus without ceasing

XI. The Seven Biblical Freedoms
XII. The Seven Joy-Robbers
XIII. The Issue of Self Esteem
XIV. Bible-Based Therapy
XV. If Only I Had More Faith
XVI. Victory in Trials
XVII. What is God’s Will for My Life

XVIII. Verse-based Examples
XIX. Topical Examples Old Testament
XX. Topical Examples New Testament

XXI. Summary


Appendix A - The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Appendix B - I’m a new Christian – Now What?
Appendix C - How to Select the Right Bible
Appendix D - How to Use the Bible
Appendix E - References and Recommendations
Appendix F - Introduction to the Author


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